Fairy Tale Friday

#18 - The Man Who Almost Lived Forever (A Mesopotamian legend) - The god Ea is friends with a human priest and he shares secrets of the gods' powers with him. The priest uses this power and angers the other gods. Much shorter story than others in the book. This is another one that ends with a trick. The 7yo is enjoying the trickster stories.

#19 - Stealing Heaven's Thunder (A Norse myth) - I was pleased to see Loki appear in this story as I was thinking of him a few stories back. I love Norse mythology. In this story Thor's hammer has been stolen and Loki comes up with a plan to get it back. Again a trick is put into action and the 7yo enjoyed this as much as I.

#20 - Anansi and the Mind of God (A West Indian myth) - This is the first Anansi tale I've read to the 7yo so first I had to explain that Anansi is a spider man not Spiderman. LOL. This tale is told in verse in a slight vernacular so very different from the others here. Here Anansi plays a trick on God. Enjoyable, the 7yo asked me to read it a second time.

#21 - How Men and Women Finally Agreed (A Kikuyu myth) - The Kikuyu are a matriarchal tribe and this tale tells why they are and how the women did not let the men take over when they tried to rebel. Quite funny actually.

#22 - First Snow (A Native American myth) - The world was complete but Coyote had one more present to give the people, snow. They don't understand how the wet, cold stuff could be useful until Coyote explains how the people can use it.

We have finished this book now so my next post will gather all these Friday posts into one place. Next week we will start reading Charles Perrault's Fairy Tales.


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