Fairy Tale Friday

#13 - John Barleycorn (An American Myth) - This is a new one for me and quite a violent tale. Without telling us exactly who John Barleycorn is at first except that he is a 'he', we are told how he was killed and how he rose from the earth and at the end, his true nature is revealed. Not my favourite.

#14 - The Singer Above the River (A German Legend) - This was a spooky tale of a heartbroken woman who threw herself over a cliff only to return as a nymph. She become a siren who hated young men and would lure their ships to crash into the rocks below the cliff.

#15 - How Music Was Fetched Out of Heaven (A Mexican myth) - The Lord of Matter sees that the people are miserable as the earth is covered with either silence or noises. He sends Quetzalcoatl up to the sun to steal his 4 musicians and bring them back to earth so the world may be filled with music.

#16 - Whose Footprints (A myth from the Gold Coast) - Legba, the assistant of God, is tired of being blamed for everything, so he decides to play a trick on God himself and thus sparks the reason that God no longer lives on earth with the people. We really enjoyed this one, Legba reminded me of Loki from Norse mythology.

#17 - The Death of El Cid (A Spanish legend) - A tale of the hero El Cid's last conquest over the invading Moors.

We are still enjoying this book very much. Next week will see us finishing it. I'm not sure if we will move onto the next book in the set or take a break with something else in between. I have a nice collection of Charles Perrault I'm thinking of reading next.


  1. That sounds like an interesting book - not the same old, same old stories, eh? I like when there are ones I'm unfamiliar with.


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