Fairy Tale Friday

I love fairy tales with a passion. And my passion runs the gamut through fairy tales, legends and myths, especially the Greek myths. I simply love them all. I am currently reading from the book The Golden Hoard: Myths and Legends of the World by Geraldine McCaughrean, to my 7yo anywhere from two - five times a week. This is the first of a three book set by McCaughrean and each book is illustrated by Bee Willey. The illustrations are stunning and looking at the pictures is just as much fun as reading the stories. McCaughrean is a wonderful writer, these tales are vivid. The language is beautiful and full of emotion.

I'll be writing a short review each week as we read through the stories just like I do with my own short story reading. I'll be posting on Fridays simply because I'm a sucker for alliteration. LOL.

#1 - The Golden Wish (A Greek Myth) - This is the story of King Midas, one of my favourite Greek myths. Does anyone not know the story? Midas wishes that everything he touches would turn into gold but when the wish comes true the reality is not what he expected. I loved the ending of this one which questions whether Midas really did learn his lesson.

#2 - Shooting the Sun (A Chinese Myth) - The god of the eastern sky has ten sons, or I should say suns. Each sun takes a turn walking across the sky but they get greedy and unruly and want to do it each day. As the world starts to burn up with ten suns shining every day and night the bowman of the sky is commissioned to shoot each sun down. At the last minute the earthly emperor realizes that one sun must be left to remain in the sky. This is a new one to me and an emotional tale as the god and his wife loose their children.


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