Short Story Monday

This week I've switched to another collection of short stories for a change of pace. High Spirits: A Collection of Ghost Stories by Robertson Davies.

How The High Spirits Came About - In the introduction, Davies explains how every Christmas for the 18 years he was the Master of Massey College at the University of Toronto he would tell a ghost story. This is a collection of these 18 tales. The stories are parodies of the classic ghost story.

#1) Revelation From a Smoky Fire - in this story the current and first Master of Massey College finds in his rooms a man who professes to be the ninth Master of Massey College one hundred years hence, and we soon find our narrator is not who he seems to be.

#2) The Ghost Who Vanished By Degrees - this was a fun story of a ghost, who killed himself because he failed his PhD thesis, who takes our narrator hostage one night and makes him listen to the many thesis he has prepared since his death as he shall never be at peace until he has it.


  1. Oh....this sounds good!! Thanks for the review!!

    I skipped Short Story Monday this week in favor of the Blog Advent Calendar. I missed my Gaiman stories!!

  2. I'm having fun with this one. I missed your Gaiman post too!

  3. This is such a fun book, isn't it! I read it a few years ago and really enjoyed it - must see if I can find it in the library catalogue again.

  4. geraniumcat, yes, indeed. They are such fun!


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