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Friday, December 28, 2007

8 Random Things Meme

Well, I have been tagged! Darla D has tagged me for the 8 random things. Let's see, I'm to link to the person who tagged me, list 8 random things about myself, then tag 8 more people.

1. I have moved 26 times in my life.

2. I bite my nails.

3. I quit smoking 7 months ago.

4. One of my most favourite songs ever is Tainted Love by Soft Cell.

5. It really, really, really bugs me when people say "zeeee", instead of "zed". This is Canada, folks!

6. My favourite colour is black.

7. I hate celery, even the smell of it makes me nauseous.

8. I love going for walks in the rain.

I tag the following people, if you've already been tagged or don't feel like doing this, that's ok.
Becky, Joy, stephanie, maggie, carrie k, john m, frogdancer, susan .


  1. We have quite a bit in common! I've moved tons of times, too, possibly 26, possibly more. My entire family hates celery. And how could anyone NOT love Tainted Love or walking in the rain? I say zee, though my English husband insists it's zed and zee is ridiculous.

  2. Hey, congratulations on quitting smoking - not an easy thing to do! I like zed better, too. It has more character! Thanks for doing the meme - it was fun learning more about you.