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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

#61. A Dirty Job

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

Pages: 387
Finished: Aug. 22, 2007
Reason for Reading: I wanted to read a Christopher Moore book and darla d recommended this as a good one to start with. Thanks darla!
First Published: 2006
Genre: humour, horror
Rating: 5/5

First Sentence:

Charlie Asher walked the earth like an ant walks on the surface of water, as if the slightest misstep might send him plummeting through the surface to be sucked to the depths below.

Recommend: Wow! This was a fabulous book. It was just so much fun! We start with an incredibly exciting and delicious demon story complete with hellhounds and The Morrigan. Then Moore has added an element of humour that is unmatched in anything I've read before; the only thing I can think of to compare it to is Monty Python humour. Very dark, dry, non-PC and sent me into occasional giggle fits.

The characters were pure joy. I really enjoyed Lily the goth girl. As I read this book I actually pictured it as a movie in my head. Maybe Joss Whedon could direct?

I read this in just over a day and could not put it down. I cannot wait to read another Christopher Moore book and if it's anywhere close to as good as this one, I know I will be reading all of his books. In fact, I'm going to go buy a copy of this book (this is a library copy) so I can read it again. I have one little problem with the book though.
SPOILER ALERT: (highlight to read)
[ Why did they have to put the picture of the death baby on the cover? As soon as they mentioned the Luminatus, I guessed who it was going be simply from that picture!]


  1. I love how you hid your spoiler alert! Very clever. I was annoyed by the baby on the cover as well - there were a million other images they could have used without giving things away. Hmph.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! It is definitely up there on my list of favorites, and I know I'll be rereading it again, too. I gave it to my husband (who usually reads boring nonfiction tomes that take him months to get through), and he loved it as well. The humor is quirky, as you mentioned, and it can be a risk to recommend this to people, but so far everyone's enjoyed it (luckily for me). :-)

  2. That's an awesome way to hide a spoiler alert! I've never seen that before. How'd you do it?

  3. Carrie - well the way I did will only work if you have a white background. Just type your text and when you are done change the text to white. Now the text is the same colour as the background and you can't see it unless you highlight it!