Top 5 Most Popular Reviews in June

Last month I posted the reviews on this blog with the most hits for the previous month for the first time and it was an interesting experiment.  I realized that by posting those links I'd get more hits to those reviews and wondered if I'd just skew my own results.  Well at first, yes, they did spike, but by this month's results I can say they had no effect on overall readership as all but one book is different from May's Top 5.  So without further ado here are the Top 5 book reviews that were visited in the month of June.  Again the assortment is quite interesting to me!

In reverse order this time for more excitement!

A puzzling tie for 5th place, both reviews written this month, June 2013

Holly Black is a popular author, Doll Bones is a good book and it has a fantastically creepy cover so I knew it would appeal to readers.  The vintage 1970s children's history book of China, on the otherhand, was quite a surprise to me when it started, and continued to get so many views. 

I wrote this review only a few days ago (June 27, 2013), so am quite pleased to see it reach the top 5 list so soon.  This is a fantastic series, but I don't see it reviewed very often elsewhere.  I really think it deserves much more buzz.

The only review to remain in the top 5 from last month and one I wrote waaaay back in 2007, my first year of book blogging.  I love this series but just wasn't thrilled with this second book featuring Inspector Roderick Alleyn.

The views exploded to the nth degree for the top two reviews!

Scott Hahn is a best-selling Catholic author so it is no surprise that this review of his latest book, which readers have had to wait several years for, is getting so many hits.  Again this review is from June 2013.

Coming out of nowhere, this review written back in Oct. 2012, had an extraordinary amount of visitors.  It's an historical romance taking place in 1920s Niagara Falls concerning Falls' daredevils and the Women's Rights movement.  It was a good book (3*) but why so many ended up here this month I don't know unless in a roundabout way because of the Nik Wallenda grand canyon/niagara falls tie-in and the book's daredevil theme.  Who knows?  It's a good book though for those who like historical romantic fiction.


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